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Many people who keep up with the latest trends in construction and renovation of homes know how useful and innovative shaw engineered hardwood flooring can be. While many still prefer simplicity and reliability of old school solid hardwood, market share of hardwood engineered flooring is increasing slowly, but steadily. Influential business magazine Bloomberg estimates that engineered products will take lead in terms of both sales and production within next few years.

Let us compare their strengths and weaknesses. Solid version usually has thickness of around ¾, engineered hardwood flooring – from 3/8 to ½. Solid is a homogeneous substance with nothing added or subtracted, while engineered is a delicate combination of layers, combining slices of actual hardwood with plywood. You cannot expect from engineered version such great variety of wood species traditional solid products offer, but this only matters for rich classes who strive for exquisite solutions. While most people will be satisfied with hickory, red oak and Brazilian Cherry which are most common woods used in production of engineered hardwood flooring. One major upside of engineered hardwood is its good resistance to moisture, thanks to dimensionally stable base of plywood. Because of this, it is suitable for use even in bathrooms and saunas. There is technical downside as well, which lies in less durability due to thin surface. It can get chipped under heavy stress, or suffer delamination.

Shaw Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Which conclusions can we draw from these differences? First of all, is that engineered hardwood flooring manufacturers optimize their products for those who are interested in high utility and great number of possible applications of this product. It still retains nostalgic look and feel of old wood. While solid hardwood is more suitable for those, who wish to build something durable, prone to wear, but perhaps not so versatile.

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