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Vinyl Floating Floor In Kitchen

Floating tile floor is a somewhat recent technology in the sphere of home construction and refurbishment. Precise meaning of term is related just to installation method and is applicable to any flooring which is able to be nailed down or glued to the subfloor. Many unexperienced people mistake it with laminate flooring, yet unlike it floating tile floor can be applied to a wide range of coverings. Among them are vinyl flooring, concrete, wood, joists and other materials.

One cannot answer what is a floating floor with specifying its purpose. Indeed, this technology is used at various locations with a great variety of modifications. Many concert venues, stadiums and other locations where masses gather to celebrate events are often equipped with sprung floor. This type of engineered floating floor is best suited for reduction of vibrations and noises, which are so common at these places and, if left unchecked, might create safety risks. Sound recording studios also use this floor to lower resonance frequency, which is a must for proper recording of sound.

Waterproof Floating Floor Over Tile

As for domestic purposes, floating floor options are available as well. It can be placed over existing floor if needed, possibly reducing the cost of renovation. It can contain felt and glass fiber to ensure sound insulation and comfort in noisy urban setting. For many workaholics, this can dramatically improve their stamina if installed at workplace, or resting comfort if at home. And if you want to do proper room for home cinema or virtual gaming with Oculus Rift or similar devices – there is just no viable alternative.

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