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Pine flooring is an alternative that offers the same beautiful charm of another wood, but its cost is lower because softwoods are normally cheaper than hardwoods. It is the most popular choice which gives a fantastic look. There are more than 200 species of pine trees, that’s why this kind of flooring is always applicable and varies. As it is quite soft, it is addicted to pressure and scarring. There are several types of this flooring. The first one is long leaf pine flooring. It is the hardest pine wood not addicted to damages as others, so it’s not a surprise it is the most widespread variant. The color of it could be amber, reddish or gold.

Yellow pine flooring is also very popular, because it is not highly prone to damages as well, and its price is pretty affordable. The color of this flooring is reddish, orange and, of course, yellow. Vertical grain pine is especially recognized by its tree-rings which spread perpendicular to the wear surface. Also, it’s necessary to mention that this flooring is not cheap. In addition to its splendid look, it is also resistant to damages.

Practical Yellow Pine Flooring

This type of wood flooring is universal; thus, you can find both advantages and disadvantages here. Certainly, its look is very good, everyone may like it. The flooring is not harmful to the environment, reasonably priced. It doesn’t swells, so it can be used in kitchens, where the chance of moisture getting is high. And as for disadvantages, it is prone to pressure as it is a kind of softwood; it is not as hard and solid as hardwoods.

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