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Floating Vinyl Flooring – Make Your Home Snug

Best Floating Vinyl Flooring
Elegant Floating Vinyl FlooringAwesome Floating Vinyl FlooringNice Vinyl Floating FloorBeautiful Floating Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is favored nowadays according to the practicality and range of designs, which permit choosing a proper variant for the interior. It is also easy mounted and can be laid on the previous flooring. Nevertheless, floating vinyl flooring differs from the other types of mounting. Floating means, that the material cannot be placed directly on the floor, which can be wooden or concrete. It needs special underlayment, providing special cushioning to the material. Without […]

Parquet Flooring: Elegance For Any Interior

Beautiful Parquet Flooring
Beautiful Parquet FlooringExcellent Parquet Flooring PatternsThe Best Parquet FlooringDeluxe Parquet Flooring Patterns

Parquet flooring is probably the most popular type of floor covering, existing for many years. Due to its excellent consumer characteristics, the wood does not lose its fame as a top covering. Parquet board of different types can create absolutely different visual effects. You can decide what tone of the interior you want to set with a parquet. Depending on the count of lamellas in the top level, parquet flooring tiles can be one-, two-, […]

Think About Vinyl Flooring Roll For Stylish Interior

Beautiful Vinyl Flooring Roll
Beautiful Vinyl Flooring RollIdeal Vinyl Flooring RollGreat Vinyl Flooring RollElegant White Vinyl Flooring Roll

Pictures in magazines show us many beautiful homes with incredible design. The materials, used in the interior, are incredible, but often out of reach, and an ordinary customer may consider them as unattainable. Walnut hardwoods, deep gorgeous oak or luxurious marbled slates and stones are indeed not cheap, but the technology has come along to present an affordable material, which will look as cool as the natural ones. Vinyl is a material that can easily […]

White Wood Flooring – A Fresh Solution

Beautiful White Wood Flooring
Best White Wood FlooringGreat Hardwood Flooring White OakThe Best White Wood FlooringBeautiful White Wood Flooring

The white color has the ability to surprise and impress. It’s a color of delight, chic and luxury. It creates an expensive and a trim look. It is not only for painting windows, doors, furniture, walls, but it can also be a variant of a floor coating. Sometimes people think that white is easily soiled and requires a special care. But before making any decisions, it’s important to know that when you use white glossy […]

Vinyl Flooring Planks – Practicality And Longevity

The Best White Vinyl Plank Flooring
Attractive Vinyl Flooring PlanksExcellent Vinyl Flooring Wood PlanksBest Vinyl Floating Floor PlanksThe Best White Vinyl Plank Flooring

A floor is a part of the interior for which the characteristics of practicality and longevity are particularly important. If you would like to have more than just stylish, beautiful, but reliable and quality floors, the vinyl flooring planks will be perfect for you. It appeared on the market not so long time ago but already has become one of the most wide-used floor types. The effect created by this type of flooring is admirable: […]

Sheet Vinyl Flooring – A Worthy Alternative To A Laminate And A Tile

Excellent Hexagon Vinyl Sheet Flooring
Excellent Hexagon Vinyl Sheet FlooringAwesome Sloating Vinyl Sheet FlooringBest Vinyl Sheet FlooringAttractive Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Invented in the 1930s, sheet vinyl flooring was declared in the interior world in the first years after war. In the 1950s it became the main competitor of other flexible coatings, but the first position at the time still was captured by the linoleum, as it was a waterproof and cheap version of the floor at that time. A lot of merits of the vinyl flooring still can make it an essential option. There is […]

Wide Plank Wood Flooring: A Decision For Big Room

Deluxe Wide Plank Wood Flooring
The Best Wide Plank Wood FlooringIdeal Wide Plank Wood FlooringBest Wide Plank Wood FlooringBeautiful Wood Plank Flooring

The floor is as important for the appearance of the house, as shoes for clothes – it can create or, conversely, spoil the overall impression. The gorgeous wide plank wood flooring will give an exclusive look to the whole interior. In the same time, the expensive furniture and interior details will look cheap on the floor of poor quality. The selection of the flooring is connected to the overall atmosphere in the house, the harmony and […]

Floating Hardwood Floor

Practical Floating Solid Hardwood Floor
Paving Floating Hardwood FloorGloss Floating Hardwood FloorPractical Floating Solid Hardwood FloorHardwood Floating Floor In Kitchen

Floating hardwood floor is quite identical to engineered hardwood flooring; it “floats”, indeed, on the additional floor. It is installed with the help of the the snap and lock technique. These planks are attached to each other like a puzzle. The technique of floating hardwood floors production has two forms: sliced cut veneer and rotary cut veneer. In the first method the layer is sliced as common timber, that demonstrates finer graining; this method is […]

Floating Wood Floor

Beautiful Floating Wood Floor Over Concrete
Floating Wood Floor Over ConcreteBeautiful Floating Wood Floor Over ConcretePaving Floating Wood FloorGloss Floating Wood Floor

It is not easy to imagine a comfortable and cozy house with cold wood flooring. The best and quicker method to get new flooring is to install floating wood floor. Floating wood installation doesn’t need using nails. In place of using nails this way of installation offers attaching planks to one another by snapping or gluing together, so the floor is not fixed to the substrate. This type of flooring has many benefits, so let’s […]

Floating Floor

Waterproof Floating Floor Over Tile
Floating Concrete Floor In BedroomFloating A Floor In Living RoomWaterproof Floating Floor Over TileWhat Is A Floating Floor

Floating tile floor is a somewhat recent technology in the sphere of home construction and refurbishment. Precise meaning of term is related just to installation method and is applicable to any flooring which is able to be nailed down or glued to the subfloor. Many unexperienced people mistake it with laminate flooring, yet unlike it floating tile floor can be applied to a wide range of coverings. Among them are vinyl flooring, concrete, wood, joists […]

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