Cork Flooring As Reliable And Viable Component Of House

Beautiful Cork Flooring

While most people still get surprised when you’re inviting them to your freshly renovated house which features cork tile flooring. Despite the fact that most of them associate this material with bottles of Champagne or other liquor, it makes for a very durable and long lasting natural cork flooring. According to the opinion of people who own this flooring, it is resistant to liquids and does not allow unpleasant substances to penetrate it forever. Which is, of course, a relief for families with little kids or big and undisciplined pets.

This type of flooring is made from Cork Oak bark almost exclusively. This allows entire production to be commercially and ecologically efficient, as this bark regrows relatively fast. 10 years and another “harvest” can be collected, thus preventing deforestation. Most often it comes as floating cork flooring, utilizing all the recent innovations and allowing easy installation, where cork layer can be glued to the top of fiberboard. And yes, it is entirely safe to install cork flooring in bathroom, where one special kind of tiles, glue down one, is most useful.

Reliable Cork Kitchen Flooring

Manufacturers of cork flooring planks try to make their products as attractive to any given niche of customers as possible. That’s why many variations of finishing exist. Most commonly encountered is polyurethane finish, which can be present at both high end and cheap products. Usually, the cheaper your flooring is, the less polyurethane layers it will have. Some people don’t like this finish due to its rather unpleasant scent of something chemical. For them, there are wax and UV cured acrylic finishes. Wax was once a trademark of cork flooring planks, but now it is considered retro as more modern technologies drove it from the market. UV light is a rather rare technique, which is not commonly encountered in Western counties as it suits budget solutions more.

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