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Hallway or corridor is a room with high traffic, also because of the dust and dirt that we bring with shoes; laminate hardwood flooring is the most preferable solution for that room. Wear-resistant laminate is a laminate with the class of abrasion that is not lower than 33rd. Such laminates are much stronger than laminates of 32 and 31 classes, and in most cases it is higher in price. Laminate of 33rd class is able to last you up to 30 years of use at home, subject depending on the conditions. 33-34 class laminate has a top layer of increased durability, but be aware of metal objects, this layer also will not be able to resist them and can get scratched as well as laminate of the 32rd class.

Ultra-high abrasion resistance of the hardwood laminate flooring is important only in areas with high traffic such as offices, where the floor load is particularly large, it is advisable to use the most durable laminate class 34 (the same as the class of 43). Manufacturers are paying much more attention to the development of design for less wear-resistant laminates of class 32 and 33, used mainly in homes and offices. After all, as practice shows, the operation period of the laminate 32 and 34 (43) of the class of the apartment is the same, because in addition to the wear resistance of the laminate has other equally important features that these classes coincide.

Hardwood Floor Laminate In The Bedroom

As a result, there is no difference what class durability you choose for an apartment. For the apartment the degree of resistance of the laminate scratch is much more important. For example, an expensive grade laminate 32 is significantly less scratches cheaper than 33rd or 34th class. The fact is that a quality laminate of class 32 has a large portion of the protective layer corundum additives, and in a cheap laminate there are much less of these additives or not at all. In order to achieve the characteristics of class 33 in the production of cheap melamine laminate top layer is made thicker.

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