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Very Beautiful Retro Linoleum Flooring

Linoleum is a quite affordable product, which has a number of advantages. The flooring is eco-friendly natural material, as recently the ecology issues have been raised, this old variant became a new alternative for premises. Nowadays it is made in the form of sheet or tile, and installed by using glue. Also the linoleum is a biodegradable and hypoallergenic material because it is made of natural materials. The linoleum both sheet and tile flooring is very attractive. If earlier the range of designs wasn’t so wide, today it becomes wider, so we can find linoleum rolls in different colors, patterns and styles.

Another wonderful advantage of using this flooring is comfort. It is a perfect variant for cozy kitchens, bedrooms and living-rooms. Today there are a lot of examples of the linoleum floorings and their thickness varies, so it is not a problem to find solid natural linoleum flooring if you plan to have it in rooms with high traffic. The water resistance also is one of the benefits of this product; that’s why you may not be afraid to use it in bathrooms.

Stylish Wood Linoleum Flooring

Moreover, it could be used in office premises, since it doesn’t create static electricity. And it is also heat resistant as well, so it is pretty safe option if the fire occurs; it will not inflame at once. And that’s why it doesn’t heat promptly, so it makes this type of flooring more attractive for the summer season, as the ground stays cool. But don’t think that the floor will be cold in the winter; of course it will if you don’t insulate it, this will provide warmth in the cold weather and make no difference in the hot. Also if something drops onto the floor and there is a small dint, you may not worry as the flooring heals itself by stretching. But if the damaged zone is big, you should replace it.

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