Oak Hardwood Flooring

Engineered Oak Hardwood Flooring

Natural oak hardwood flooring is really quite favored nowadays. Naturally, all kinds of coverings are good, but exactly hardwood flooring has always been recognized as a noble and exquisite one. If you want to make your house look richer, this covering will be a right choice. Especially if you’re planning to have it for years, because it is not only a matter of durability, but a style, a design, and trends as well. This type of floors is versatile, so if the look of your room is very important from the point of view of fashion and modern trends – you won’t be disappointed.

But the durability is also not least, the hardwood floor can serve for more than 30 years, and it just a guarantee given by a reliable manufacturer. It means if your care of hardwood oak flooring is satisfactory, the term of service can be much longer. White oak is immune to the water and liquids in general. That’s why it can be installed not only in living- and dining-rooms, but in both baths and cook rooms. Hardwood floor is considered to be quite the most comfortable and convenient ones. The hardwood itself poorly conducts heat, so, the upper surface of the plank will always be warm. Also oak floors have sound-absorbing properties what makes them especially helpful, when you live in a block of flats.

Beautiful Red Oak Hardwood Flooring

Red oak hardwood flooring is the magnificent choice, if you want to enliven the interior or the room. Its shades and grain are exactly eye-candies. This flooring colors very well, serves for a long period of time, and suits for decolorized coverings because it’s more porous than white one.  And last, but not the least feature (for all kind of oak flooring) is a resistance to fungus. Oak – natural antiseptic and this property ensures hardwood’s stamina.

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