Parquet Flooring: Elegance For Any Interior

Elegant Parquet Flooring Patterns

Parquet flooring is probably the most popular type of floor covering, existing for many years. Due to its excellent consumer characteristics, the wood does not lose its fame as a top covering. Parquet board of different types can create absolutely different visual effects. You can decide what tone of the interior you want to set with a parquet.

Depending on the count of lamellas in the top level, parquet flooring tiles can be one-, two-, three- and four-lane, which allows one and the same kind of tree to look in absolutely other way. Different striping creates the interior geometry. Using the pattern, you can visually increase the length of the room or set the rhythm. Choosing parquet board with stripes you need to understand what accents in the interior you want to arrange. Light shades of such parquet will visually “pull out” the room. They are often placed, for example, for decorating spacious halls, to emphasize advantageously the spaciousness and openness of the premises. A light wide parquet tile with single stripes is successfully used in the interior, which should have concise and at the same time refined appearance. Alteration of a wide and narrow board with single-lane (laying the “French deck”) creates an original design that can become a unique “epicenter” of the interior. And if you play with shades of wood, you will be able to reach a stunning visual result.

Deluxe Parquet Flooring Patterns

The parquet flooring tiles are easy in installing and maintaining (especially with a varnish top coat), and have an excellent appearance. Depending on the kind used for the top level of timber, the parquet board can have a wide range of appearance. It is always distinguished by the highest aesthetics. The number of color variants of parquet is almost infinite. From flawlessly white to agate-black, green, blue, yellow and pink, with real gold and mother-of-pearl. With such a variety it is so easy to make your interior unique!

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