Sheet Vinyl Flooring – A Worthy Alternative To A Laminate And A Tile

Deluxe Wood Look Vinyl Sheet Flooring

Invented in the 1930s, sheet vinyl flooring was declared in the interior world in the first years after war. In the 1950s it became the main competitor of other flexible coatings, but the first position at the time still was captured by the linoleum, as it was a waterproof and cheap version of the floor at that time. A lot of merits of the vinyl flooring still can make it an essential option. There is a list of the advantages you will get laying vinyl floors in your apartment. Actually, these are the same properties for which vinyl was famous long ago, since the last century.

It has water resistance and doesn’t leak. Thanks to this property vinyl is a perfect coating for use in the bathroom, toilet, kitchen, or in the other rooms of an apartment with similar characteristics. Vinyl sheet flooring is easy to maintain and needs small operating costs. To clean it, you can use a wet mop and any kind of the washing composition to clean the stains. The design, color scheme, and ornaments for vinyl floors are practically endless. You can combine the types of vinyl coating to reproduce a unique and singular picture. The most multipurpose one is the vinyl of the printed type, which can allow creating a coating with a pattern, identical to a tree, granite, marble or material with any other texture. Vinyl coating is considered to be quite a strong flooring which, well laid and maintained, can be used for up to 20 years. In other words, the quality of the vinyl and the manner in which it was laid will be the determining characteristics of keeping your floor for a long period of time.

Attractive Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl sheet flooring is a good alternative for different floors (ceramic tiles, linoleum, laminate). They are produced with different external dimensions and texture. The appearance of the vinyl coating can easily imitate not only wood but also natural stone, etc. Thus making it easier for designers to work with different structures, both in the classical and the modern style, and to reproduce the most courageous design decisions. Vinyl can have a glossy, rough and matte surface. The rough texture is more commonly used in rooms with high humidity.

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